Charter Charter

The "Kindness, Trust, Quality, Responsibility, Simplicity" label



The charter guarantees to the Buyers of the platform the quality of the products bought online by the Sellers referenced on the platform, and associated services.

The adhesion of the Sellers referenced on the platform to the charter allows them to benefit from a label in the form of a macaroon, which they will affix on the showcase of their shop, be identified by their customers and prospects, and differentiate themselves from their competitors not referenced on the platform.

The adherence to the Charter marks the will of local craftsmen and food traders to be involved in a collaborative, voluntary and responsible approach, to bring their activity into line with the good practices of the digital food trade.

1/ Fundamental principles

As a Seller referenced on the platform, I commit myself to respect the following fifteen fundamental commitments:

  • Share and promote the values ​​of the platform: kindness, trust, responsibility, quality, simplicity.
  • Be cordial, available and attentive to the needs of my customers buying online on the platform
  • Offer a wide range of my products on the platform, accessible to most budgets.
  • Respect the standards and good practices applicable to the food trades (hygiene, cold chain, HACCP, covid19 sanitary measures ...).
  • Maintain or update at least once a week the listing of my products, prices and promotions, registered on my online shop on the platform
  • Ensure daily quality and freshness of my products referenced on the platform, in compliance with the regulations in force.
  • Reply (accept or reject) to the online orders within the deadlines provided in the order procedure
  • Execute valid orders from online customers in less than 4 hours (from acceptance of the order).
  • Issue the products I have validated the order within the deadlines provided in the order procedure, by withdrawal in shop or delivery.
  • Organize my shop to deliver on-site products ordered online to avoid customers queuing on-site (except delivery mode).
  • Accept to be submitted to the online rating system by my buying clients on the platform, to guarantee the satisfaction of my customers online.
  • Respect good practices in environmental protection (biodegradable or recyclable packaging, responsible consumption of electricity and water, etc.).
  • Participate in the verification of Sellers candidates for referencing on the platform and give an advisory opinion, before the creation of their online shop.
  • Share with the team all the information necessary to optimize my products offered in my shop or in my shop on the platform and on the associated social network media (blog, Facebook page, Youtube chain, Instagram, Tweeter ...).
  • Promote the platform to my clients and prospects.

2/ Label

The label is a tool for promotion and visibility, proposed in consultation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chambre des Métiers on which depend the Sellers referenced on the platform.

In return for the respect of the fifteen commitments of the charter, I will officially receive the label, in the form of a macaroon to be affixed on the window of my shop or my trade, entitled "mon commerçant préféré", or "mon artisan préféré".

I will withdraw the macaroon received at the end of the service contract with monpanierbleu, whatever the reason for the term.

3/ Audit

I agree that regular audits will be implemented in shop or in commerce, as well as with customers buying online on the platform, to monitor the respect and the good execution of the fifteen commitments of the charter

4/ Dereferencing

If I fail to comply with at least one of the above blue principles and/or at least two of the other principles for a period of ten business days after notification (from the date of receipt), monpanierbleu will be entitled to dereference my shop of the platform, and to withdraw the label, without delay and without any compensation due.


last update: september 10th 2020

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