How do I know if the city where I live or work is covered by monpanierbleu.com? Can I get products from merchants from other cities than the city I live or work?

Check "the cities monpanierbleu" list here.

If you live or work in one of the cities covered by monpanierbleu.com, then we can deliver products from all blue craftmen from Théoule s/mer to Roquebrune Cap Martin ! Please note that if you want to order out of your living zone, you shall pay a extra fee of 20 Euros (for tolls, gasoline, delivery time...) !

monpanierbleu.com: how does it cost?

No bad surprise! The amount of the service charge is included. You will pay 10% of the total amount of purchases vat included.

If you wish to be delivered to work or at home, and from €30 of purchases, you will have to pay a fixed price of €10 by order. Delivery will be offered from €50 of purchases!

Please remind the 15€ extra fee if you want to order out of your living zone.

When and where can I collect my "click&collect" purchases?

During the opening hours of the shop, which are specified in the calendar of the e-shop.

When and where can I get delivered by monpanierbleu.com?

From Tuesday 1230pm to Saturday 830pm, between 1230pm and 230pm, or between 630pm and 830pm, in the "covered" cities by monpanierbleu.com.

We deliver from 40 € purchase, and if you live or work in one of the cities covered by monpanierbleu.com. (See also "monpanierbleu cities" list here) The cost of delivery is 10 Euros. Delivery is free from 50 Euros.

What if I already know the food merchant where I want to buy my products without going through the search bar?

Simply click on the "blue e-shops" button at the top of the homepage here, then click on your merchant's name. Or add your favorite e-shops to your “Favorites” by clicking on the heart when you are in an e-shop.

If I want a product that is not available in the e-shop, how can I ask the merchant?

Simply send him a message, by clicking on the "bubbles" icon of the e-shop.

What if I have a problem using monpanierbleu.com?

You can contact the Blue Team from Tuesday 845am to Saturday 200pm:

- by email: contact@monpanierbleu.com, or

- by telephone at the following number: 04 22 10 04 23.

I am a food merchant and I want to create my e-shop on monpanierbleu.com. How to do?

You can contact us by phone or email to present us your activity and your request. We will arrange an appointment and if you respect the Charter monpanierbleu.com, and there is no other referent of your activity in your city, then you have all your chances to join the blue community!

 How to contact the management or the monpanierbleu.com team for suggestions, ideas, criticisms, or to submit a curriculum vitae?

You can write us to our office: 1600 avenue du general garbay 06210 Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

Or write to us: contact@monpanierbleu.com.